Happiness is like a bowl of clear soup
By ylq ylq on 02 August 2018
Happiness is like a bowl of clear soup, so that when I am in trouble, I smile and face; happy, like a bowl of light tea, let me forget my sadness when I am sad again; happiness seems to be the scent of fragrance, let me worry again. Let's throw it into the clouds. Today, we go to Wencheng to play by car, and we can't miss our laughter in the car. Hey! The first one to perform was Li Wei. She first told us a cold joke. After listening to it, I seemed to have the goose bumps falling. Then she took a well-known "jingle bell" ?ling of an eye Marlboro Lights, I arrived at Wencheng. The first goal was to row the boat. I was in a group with my friend Lin Biao. At the beginning, the two of us have been unable to find the law, and we have been spinning around. Later, we joined hands and shouted slogans. Gradually, we found the skills and got better and better! Hey, the essential thing after rowing is the screw in the stream! I carefully lifted a stone and quickly and quickly grabbed a small black thing - the screw! Suddenly, there was a coolness behind my back. Ha, it turned out that Qin Dan was pouring cold water on me! But before I hit her back Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, I only heard a "plop", and Qin Dan fell a "Da Ma." "Ha ha ha" I first laughed. "Oh..." Qin Dan was embarrassed to scratch his head and smiled. At noon, everyone started to make a table of "dumpling feast" and made a dumpling that surprised everyone - that is, the legendary "dumpling company". When I was eating, I not only tasted the taste of dumplings, but also tasted thrnoon finally arrived, and the thrilling outdoor development! We wear protective gear and move toward the Warriors! Oh, that's the first goal - go hand in hand, my hand is holding the rope tightly, stepping on the wire under my feet Cigarettes Cheaper, and looking under the wire - that is the rushing river! Hey, I can only say that there are fifteen hanging baskets - seven up and eight times. I really have twenty-five mice in my arms. I am scratching my heart. I walked towards the finish line step by step Newport Cigarettes Website. Going forward to the next goal - flying the mountain, see, this is made up of two steel plates, separated by a large gap, "flying the mountain", I like the name, "fly" past, leaping The past; the third project - the network wall, this level is comparable to the difficulty of the first level, my hand clings to the net above, try to take up less space, but also have to balance Hey, this is not a single-wood bridge, simple, move forward! The next level - flying the Luding Bridge, ew times, "flying the Burmese Bridge" was "dry" by me; the front is the plum pile, I stepped on the first Oh, my god, it��s amazing! I quickly stood on the stake, reached out and grabbed the rope of the next stake, then put one foot over it and stepped on the stake, then extended one hand to grab the rope and finally the other foot. Going to another stake, it's getting better and better, I still play a slight swing! For me, the last thing I can't remember in my memory is the high-altitude sneak Marlboro Gold Pack. At first, I still have some timidity and worry in my heart, but I see that everyone is a pair of "not afraid of the sky," my Those timid and worried seem to have been thrown into the clouds. When I arrived, I "ride" the "high-altitude cable car" and successfully reached the end. Along the way, the wind crossed my ea to the orchard to pichine that can illuminate your direction in the darkness of confusion; happiness is a breeze, you can sweep away the haze for you, and lick the clouds in your heart. Happiness is a constant source of power. In your life journey, Your pillar. Happiness is the theme song of life. We can't be without happiness, let happiness embellish our wonderful elementary sc


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