Women's Basketball Women's Tournament: A Defensive Effort Raises La Salle for Second Consecutive Title
By Borum Jake on 21 March 2017
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La Salle defended her way to another women's basketball title on Sunday.

The Rams, who used a stop defense that gave only 25 points in the first 29 minutes of the 32-minute contest, defended their title and won their 11th Crown in 16 years with a 41-33 win On Barrington in the title title of the state At Center Ryan.

"Our spine has been our defense all year," said Sean Reddy, who trained the Rams at all 11 Crowns state in the 16-year period. "These teams http://www.canvet.co.uk/are playing a great defense and I thought we could have been a bit better today."

Barrington, who beat the Rams by three points in the Division I championship game two weeks ago, was playing without the services of his top scorer Glory Ellison, who was performing a religious commitment on Sunday.

But despite not having Ellison, who averaged 14 points per game, the Eagles beat the Rams on virtually equal terms for much of the game.

The difference in the scoring was an eight-point La Salle performed over a little more than a minute late in the first half, triggered by a pair of 3-point shots from the Christina Kiser of the Rams.

This race allowed La Salle to break free of the 17-17 deadlock with four minutes to play for a 25-17 lead with 2:50 remaining in half. At half-time the Rams led, 27-20.

The best Barrington could do was cut a point off this deficit in the second half.

Kiser finished 17-17 with his first 3-pointer with four minutes to play. air max 2016A field goal Bryanna Rawnsley 30 seconds later gave the Rams a five point advantage and Kiser hit again 3 points 40 seconds later.

"Christina is a solid rock. If it's open, it happens," said Reddy.

Barrington stayed on the same terms with the Rams during the first 12 minutes of the game with the lead changing hands several times. The Eagles were able to deny the pressure defense of La Salle's backyard with a good transitional offense, triggered by the twists and turns Grace Coutu and Liddy Hutchings.

But then Kiser triggered the eight-point race and Rams' defense made sure that she never gave up the advantage.

http://www.canvet.co.uk/The Rams dropped only five points in the first 10 minutes of the second half and this allowed La Salle to build a 13-point lead, 38-25, with 5:30 to play in the game.

One of the keys to the Rams triumph was the game of Allyson Desrosiers, who missed the first half of the season by rehabbing a wound she underwent while playing lacrosse last spring.

"Allie Desrosiers, our elder, was phenomenal," said Reddy. "She came back from the injury ... She's our best defender on the pitch and she got all the important rebounds we needed."

"I wanted to come back very badly," said Desrosiers. "The attack was a bit difficult, but the defense blocked."

No team scored twice, but La Salle received offensive contributions from eight players. Desrosiers, Kiser and Rawnsley scored points for the Rams with eight points each.

Coutu led Barrington with nine points. Coutu and Hutchings combined for 19 rebounds with nine and 10, respectively. This rebound allowed the Eagles to remain tied with the Rams for all but a few stretches, womens air max cheapthe eight-point run in the first half and a five-minute period in the middle of the second half when the La Salle defense held Eagles Without goal.

"I'm disappointed with the loss because I wanted this for them," said Steve Lenz, Barrington coach. "But they played for 32 minutes and I could not be more proud of them."

Desrosiers was one of the two elders on La Salle's list.

"We are probably a bit offensive now because we are so young, but our defense has been solid," said Reddy.

"What made me most proud in my 23 years of coaching was that this team has improved every day. In practice, even in this game, you could see it. Every day in practice. "

The defense of the title scored the first time any team won state crowns back to back as La Salle won three of 2011-13.


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