NFL admits to clock error at end of Steelers-Chargers game
By just for on 11 January 2017
The NFL has released a statement admitting that San Diego's clock operator made an error MLB Jerseys Wholesale Monday night, one which cost the Steelers 18 seconds late in the game. The play occurred following a 54-yard field goal by Chargers kicker Josh Lambo to give San Diego a 20-17 lead over Pittsburgh with 2:56 remaining in the fourth quarter. The ensuing kickoff was received by the Steelers in the end zone for a touchback, a NHL Jerseys China play which should have prevented the clock from starting. Instead, 18 seconds ran off. The night before the debate I went and hobknbbed with the political Elite of the Democratic party to see behind the scenes. At the Washington Post pregame party (it was open bar, so I took advantage of a great opportunty to get back at Wholesale NFL Jerseys Supply Jeff Bezos for the 30% profit's he takes off sales of my e-book) Harry Reid got up and spoke. Also appearing at this event was Democratic National Committee chairwomen Debbie Wasserman Schultz MLB Jerseys Cheap who is about as popular among democrats as Lee Harvey Oswal. This is a party that needs a Roger Goodell type leader, But Schultz is more of a Bud Selig type the way shes completeley botched the scheduling of the 6 democrat debates, almost intentonally scheduling them during holiday weekends so no one will watch them. She also wont let any of the candidate's go play winter ball on there own, issuing a mandate Baseball Jerseys For Sale that if a candiate is caught participating in a non-sanctioned debate, they will be barred from future events. Limiting yourself to only 6 times that people can tune in and listen to Jim Webb decsribe how little time he has had to speak is doing your party a great disservice. Many are speculating that Schultz is limiting the number of debates so that Hillary Clinton only has to change her stance on key issues a half-dozen times.


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